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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

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Welcome to the Addiction Rehab Center Thailand (ARC). We are a drug and alcohol addiction recovery centre located in Chiang Mai Thailand offering some of the best addiction recovery services available today. Our recovery program has helped many people to overcome addiction.




ARC is a drug and alcohol rehab in northern Thailand. Our Western management and peaceful surroundings are an ideal way to get your life back together. Thailand is the perfect setting for a rehab, it has a great transport infrastructure, ease of entry and value for money. If you need drug or alcohol treatment then please contact us today, we are more than happy to discuss your personal needs and plan your path to recovery.

What Addiction is

“A behaviour that someone would feel compelled to act upon”

People often become addicted to drugs or addicted to alcohol because these substances can alter their perceptions and this can be used as a way to escape from the pressures of life. This can then become a downward spiral that can destroy personal relationships, break up families and cause financial ruin.

While the pain of experiencing this disease is profound there is a way back. Making the choice to get help is the first step, and by contacting the Addiction Rehab Center in Thailand, we can offer you a real path to recovery. We have helped people from all parts of the world. Once you have made the choice you can easily action it. We are one of the most respected rehabs in Thailand and our staff want to help you, talk to one of them now!

Different forms of drug & alcohol addiction.

What forms
drug & alcohol addiction ?

Addictive behaviour is not caused by the substance that is taken but has an underlying emotional basis that needs to be understood. When someone has unresolved emotional problems in their life it can trigger a person to use alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit drugs to try and cope.

Affordable addiction treatment in Chiang Mai.

drug & alcohol rehab

A common frustration that many people battling the horrors of substance abuse face is the overwhelming costs of many addiction treatment services. When you are dealing with addiction it is a great enough struggle without the costs of rehabilitation making addiction treatment unaffordable.

The Relapse Cycle

If you have a friend or family member who is an addict, or you are an addict yourself then understanding the relapse cycle and some of the warning signs can be an advantage to help head off a relapse, or quickly take action to get help to get back to recovery. This is one of the many areas that the experienced counsellors from ARC cover at the Thailand rehab in Chiang Mai.

5 Important
Warning signs of


1. When the drug or alcohol addict stop going to
support services
such as 12 step meetings or counselling sessions.

2. When they begin to remember
the “good old times”,
without recalling the damaging negative aspects of addiction.

3. When they start contacting friends
who are still in active addiction
( or their acquaintances )

4. When they start making bad choices and excuses, begin pulling away from family and friends that want to help them in their recovery and become lethargic or start getting defensive when challenged.

5. When they have the idea that just one little drink,
dose of drugs
or little pill
will not hurt their recovery.

A high quality rehab in Thailand

Rehab is the best way to start your path to recovery and the Addiction Rehab Center has a number of options that can be customised to your needs.

We recommend our affordable drug rehab programs for a period of 1 to 3 months. We are determined to keep our prices as low as possible without diluting our World Class program. We don’t have a board of directors, we are recovered addicts and alcoholics ourselves who want to pass on the program that helped us many years ago. Treatment includes extensive personal therapy and is designed to give you a sense of well-being, an understanding of your addiction and the tools to take back your life.

The trained personnel at our Thailand drug rehab are always available to discuss your individual needs and would welcome you contacting us so that we can plan your path to recovery.


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Clients experiences

“This is an authentic and affordable rehab center teaching with effectiveness how to be true with ourselves and genuine in our dealings with others. There is a non-complacent and greathearted team able to provide the best chance of success.”  Juan, Cebu, Philippines

Members of the drug & alcohol addiction treatment center in Thailand.

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